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No one is quite sure where Lea came from, but legend has it she sprouted from deep in the woods between twisted roots not much unlike the way in which a mushroom does. It would certainly account for her elfish height, and tendency to have and uncontrollable urge to take off into forests no matter how bad of an idea that might be. Naturally her parents could never shake these elven tendencies from her, so she’d either run around naked as nature intended, or if they insisted she wore clothing, she wore her pants on her head, striped pants of course, as was of elfen fashion.

Drawing and art came naturally to her, and she was drawing the moment she discovered she could hold a pen, or a pencil, or anything that made marks. And she drew things of wonder, dragons and mythical creatures and knights and faeries and all of this of course got her in very much trouble with her teachers. But none of this deterred her and she carried on straight through college and into her adult life, she she is still not entirely unsure if she isn’t truly an elf born in a tangle of roots along side some mushrooms charading around as a human.

Today Lea can occasionally be found showcasing her work at local art exhibitions, selling her art at the occasional convention and is always happy to discuss commissions with people curious about her work. Her work is primarily ink and watercolor, though she has been known to experiment in a variety of mediums.